2024 Agenda

Day One
April 8, 2024

Continental Breakfast


Chairperson’s Welcome

Henry W. Osowski Managing PartnerStrategic Health Group LLC


Leveraging Data Analytics to Engage Consumers When, Where and How They Consume Media to Drive Brand Awareness and Consumer Engagement

  • Effectively analyzing data to determine what truly engages seniors
  • Understanding where seniors turn for their information
  • Messaging that matters
  • Rising above the noise to ensure effective consumer engagement

Kathleen Elli Vice President, Marketing, Medica


Creating a Year Round Brand Strategy: Winning Member Trust and Renewal with a Unique Brand Promise that Resonates with the Consumer

  • Keeping your brand present year round
  • Identifying key brand ideals that win member trust and renewal
  • Balancing year round messaging without fatigue
  • Choosing a consistent, resonant message

Heather SmithVice President, Retail Market Sales, Geisinger Health Plan


Adjusting to the New MA Marketing Requirements in the Final Rule: Ensuring Materials and Activities Are Compliant and Effective

  • Understanding the MA requirements
  • Developing a checklist for compliance
  • Designing materials that are memorable while also compliant
  • Key marketing requirements in the Final Rule to be aware of

Sarah A. Fernandes Medicare Sales Manager,Health New England


Morning Refreshment Break


Panel Discussion: Winning the 2024 AEP: Taking an Omnichannel Approach to Standing Out in a Crowded MA Market

  • Channels that work
  • Media optimization
  • Partner optimization


Lauren Flynn Kelly Executive Editor,AIS Health


Mindi Knebel CEO,Kaizen Health

Gregg Kimmer President and CEO,ATRIO Health Plans

Mina Chang, PhDDeputy Director and Chief Analytics & Compliance Division,Ohio Department of Aging


“Unlock the Power of “Yes”: Master Ethical Influence & Persuasion for Medicare Success

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, securing “Yes” from your Medicare prospects and members is key to Health Plan success.  Whether you’re striving to acquire new members, ensure seamless member onboarding, educate about plan benefits, engage those who require care management, or foster member retention, your ability to gain “yes” responses is pivotal.  It’s key to elevating your Star Ratings, optimizing revenue, and driving growth.  In this session, you’ll discover the benefits of ethical influence and persuasion grounded in behavioral science and the lifelong work of Dr. Robert Cialdini, delivering win/win benefits for both your Medicare customers and health plans.   During this session, health plans will:

  • Explore a time-tested behavioral science model that builds relationships with prospective and current members, dispels uncertainty surrounding their decisions to move in your direction, and motivates them to take positive actions in their best interests.  These persuasive principles transcend cultural and language boundaries, can be applied to traditional and online marketing, while ensuring effectiveness.
  • Learn small but impactful strategies that gain substantial ROI on member acquisition, member communications, care management, and retention programs.
  • Gain insights into how leading health plans harnessed these principles to bolster results.
Join industry leaders, Ezio Sabatino, Chief Influence Officer & Certified Cialdini Professional Coach at Sabatino Marketing, and Dave Krupa, Vice President of Marketing and Retail Sales at BCBS of SC, as they share their experiences at this valuable session.

Ezio Sabatino Chief Influence Officer,Sabatino Marketing

Dave Krupa Vice President, Marketing and Retail Sales,BlueCross Blue Shield of South Carolina


Balancing Act: Safeguarding Seniors from Falls – Essential Health Plan Strategies for Optimal Cost, Quality, and Clinical Outcomes

  • The growing senior population and its correlating health decline is driving avoidable costs and quality of life issues
  • Despite numerous solutions, limited program reach and associated impact persist
  • Discover effective strategies spanning awareness, prevention, intervention, and treatment, aligned with critical health plan performance outcomes

Evelyn Chojnacki, MPHDirector, Health Plan Strategy,Sword Health




Panel Discussion: Responding to Shifting Member Preferences for Engagement: Creating Seamless, Omnichannel, Customer-Centric Experiences the Improve Retention and Drive Star Ratings

  • Engagement that works
  • Creating a customer-centric experience
  • Driving improved Star Ratings


Henry W. OsowskiManaging Partner,Strategic Health Group


Keslie CrichtonChief Sales Officer,Benelynk

Brian GebhardtChief Operating Officer, SafeRide

Heather SmithVice President, Retail Market Sales, Geisinger Health Plan

Bill PhillipsChief Strategy & Performance Officer, Linkwell Health


Increasing Your New-to-Medicare Market Share: Developing a Strategy for T65 and WP65 Markets Focusing on Key Touchpoints Throughout the Member Journey

  • Key differences in the T65 and WP65 markets
  • Developing effective touchpoints for the unique needs of T65 vs. WP65 populations
  • Creating messaging that eliminates confusion and fear of the unknown
  • Clarifying the benefits of MA vs. original Medicare

Casman Mosby Director of Marketing and Sales,Metro Health


Afternoon Refreshment Break


How to Market your 2025 Formulary to Drive Member Growth and Retention

  • Placement of Brand versus Bio-similar or Generic on Formulary
  • Rebates versus net ingredient cost of the medication – impact on the formulary and bid process
  • How the medication given by member at home (Part D) versus Office (Part B) impacts cost

Gary Melis, RPhClinical Pharmacist,Network Health


Digital Solutions: Answering the Call for Senior Health Support

A cornerstone of senior care is deteriorating. The number of potential caregivers is rapidly declining and on track to be reduced by 57% by 2050. This leaves older adults to navigate an ever- more-challenging healthcare landscape and barriers to care on their own. Learn how digital care programs are uniquely positioned to provide the accessible, consistent, and personalized care that seniors need more than ever.

Christynne Helfrich, PT, DPT, OCSPhysical Therapist Consultant, Hinge Health


Panel Discussion: Reimagining the MA Product Portfolio: Delivering Products Aligned with Seniors’ Evolving Needs and Focusing on Products Perceived as High Value

  • How are seniors’ needs evolving?
  • What does the consumer perceive as high value?
  • Understanding and targeting the needs of this diverse population
  • Lessons learn from past evolution


Lauren Flynn KellyExecutive Editor AIS Health


Todd RauDirector, Medicare Markets Indiana University Health Plans

Michael Spicer, MBAHVice President, Product CDPHP

Stephanie Campbell, RN, BSN, MBASenior Solutions Consultant Hello Heart


Leveraging AI to Modernize Medicare Advantage Plan Design

Developing differentiated and financially viable Medicare Advantage products will be key to win in a market that is becoming increasing competitive and facing financial headwinds. Generative AI and traditional AI capabilities can assist in:

  • Product portfolio optimization
  • Product design simulation to understand trade-offs between different benefit choices
  • Pulling competitive insights buried within PBP files and EOC documents, using a real-time chat
  • Product strength analysis at a county level to understand competitive positioning
  • Cascading county level product insights to downstream stakeholders (including sales)
    • Harbinder RainaPrincipal ZS


Cocktail Reception

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Day Two
April 9, 2024

Continental Breakfast


Chairperson’s Recap


Henry W. OsowskiManaging Partner,Strategic Health Group LLC


Panel Discussion: Leveraging Supplemental Benefits as a Market Differentiator: Identifying the Supplemental Benefits that Drive MA Enrollment and Member Satisfaction

  • Determining the supplemental benefits that consumers really value
  • Focusing on the benefits that deliver the highest satisfaction
  • Evaluating which benefits improve outcomes most


James HornungDirector of Sales,NationsBenefits


Windsor Richmond,Medicare Field Sales Manager,Elevance Health

Todd Rau, Director, Medicare Markets,Indiana University Health Plans

Nikki Hungate, MS, MHADirector of Medicare Product Solutions,Medical Mutual of Ohio


Optimizing MA Product Design: Leveraging Data Analytics to Gain Insights into Member Needs for Informed Plan Design

  • Leveraging data that shows real insights into senior needs
  • Determining what members really value in plan products
  • Developing innovative products that make a difference
  • Continuing to innovate while maintaining past product successes

Nikki Hungate, MS, MHADirector of Medicare Product Solutions,Medical Mutual of Ohio


Building a New D-SNP Medicare Program Tailored to the Target Population

California is evolving issuance of State Medicaid Agency Contracts (SMACs) to facilitate enrollment of dual eligibles to integrated Exclusively Aligned Enrollment (EAE) D-SNP, by which dually eligible beneficiaries will receive Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits managed by the same health plan. Starting in 2026, San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP) will be one of three Managed Care Plans with SMACs to offer a D-SNP product in San Francisco. Hear how SFHP is preparing to expand its capabilities beyond Medicaid to effectively build a Medicare program tailored to the population it serves.

  • Background on EAE policy changes
  • Process of inquiry and understanding about the customer experience and need
  • Stakeholder engagement

Diane Sargent, PT, MS, MBADirector, Medicare Programs,San Francisco Health Plan


Morning Refreshment Break


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supplemental Benefits for a Dual-Eligible Population

  • Understanding the benefits that the dual eligible population values
  • Designing supplemental benefits that deliver value to this vulnerable group
  • Conducting a cost benefit analysis to ensure optimal value and efficiency

Beth Ann Marootian, MPH VP,Strategy & Business Development, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island

Mark Cooper, MS, RN VP, Medicare-Medicaid Integration, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island


Unlocking MA Consumer Journey: Modern Benefits and Market Intelligence for Healthy Aging

  • Consumer Journey Made Simple: Access to a robust and trusted community of experts providing personalized advice on coverage, benefits, the right plan at the right time, and consult for long-term or enhanced care needs.
  • Prioritize Healthy Aging: Discover a range of options that prioritize holistic care, evidence-based lifestyle interventions, and affordable living solutions for retirees to promote whole-person well-being.
  • Modern Benefits for Age in Place: Explore how Medicare Advantage opens new doors for dual beneficiaries, addressing complex needs and supporting aging gracefully and comfortably at home.
  • Elevate Healthcare Experience: Achieve a harmonious blend of medical and social support, striking the right balance for overall care for dual eligible members.

Mina Chang, PhD, Deputy Director and Chief Analytics & Compliance Division, Ohio Department of Aging


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks


Conclusion of Conference