2021 Speaker Presentations
Day One
Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Chairperson’s Welcome


Back to the Future: Trump Era Marketing Flexibilities, Potential Biden Administration Reversals, and Strategies for Compliant Growth

Learn from the former Director of Medicare Advantage Operations at CMS where CMS will likely tighten the reins on marketing activity under the Biden administration and why Medicare Advantage Organizations should care. Specifically, this session will focus on:

  • How marketing oversight changed the last time a Republican administration was replaced by Democrat administration (Bush to Obama)
  • Specific marketing rules and practices that are most likely to draw new regulatory attention.
  • Steps that have already been taken by the Biden administration to tighten the oversight of Medicare Advantage Organizations

Michael S. Adelberg Principal, Faegre Drinker Consulting


Panel Discussion: Winning the AEP in the Post-COVID Era: An Omnichannel Approach to Drive AEP Campaign Success


Lauren Flynn Kelly, Managing Editor, AIS Health, an MMIT Company


Jennifer Rossbach, Marketing Manager, Consumer Retail, Health Alliance Plan

Tom Sass, Senior Director, Consumer Markets & Corporate Sales Operations, HealthNow New York, Inc.


Building Meaningful Relationships Across All Social Media Platforms: Combining Organic and Paid Social Media Messaging for Optimal Effectiveness

  • Building a strong relationship between Marketing and Communications teams
  • Starting with a content-first approach for organic and paid social media
  • Leveraging social media to support the member lifecycle and build community

Brianna Collins,Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Clover Health

Lindsay Roseman,Manager of Content and Social Media, Clover Health


2022 AEP Preparations: Strategies to Effectively Manage CMS Model Changes for 2022 AEP Plan Materials

Every year, Medicare Advantage Organizations face the challenge of updating highly complex Medicare plan documents before the annual enrollment period (AEP) begins. In the post COVID-19 world, with disbursed teams, it is even more challenging to add or change benefits, manage last- minute updates and perform quality checks on the annual materials. Join this session to gain insight into the recent CMS model changes and how to manage your implementation more efficiently for the 2022 AEP.
Examine this year’s model documents, market tendencies, and data changes, while exploring best practices that drive accuracy and timely creation of ANOC, EOC, SB, Benefit Highlights, and other Medicare Compliance and Marketing communications.

  • Discover best practices for managing CMS model and data changes for the upcoming AEP
  • Identify key marketing trends for Medicare Advantage materials that can give you a competitive edge
  • Using a single source of truth for all Medicare Compliance & Marketing Communications to ensure compliance & consistency
  • Enhance collaboration in post-COVID world for efficient creation, review & management of plan materials.

Sohail Malik,Vice President, Healthcare Solutions, Messagepoint


Investing in the Digital Experience: Responding to the Shift in How Consumers Shop for Medicare Coverage, and Meeting Members Where They Are

Kortney Cruz, Vice President, Medicare Sales and Marketing, Independence Blue Cross


Maximizing CMS’ Marketing Flexibility to Grow Market Share: Ensuring that Communications are Compliant, Educational, and Effective

  • Ensuring compliance of all marketing and outreach activities
  • Growing market share under CMA Marketing Flexibility rules
  • How do you stand out from the noise while being compliant?
  • Measuring effectiveness

Naomi Irvin, Chief of Staff, Government Markets, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina


Making the Most of Special Enrollment Periods: Widening General Acquisition Efforts to Include Late Retirees and Those Who Lost Benefits Due to COVID

  • Learn about how to use Employer Playbooks to engage and educate brokers, employers, and late retirees
  • Develop and nurture community partners to expand and grow age-in opportunities
  • Expand your distribution channels to include non-traditional partners to increase your Medicare Footprint

Heather Rollins,Department Vice President, Individual and Small Group Sales, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City


Creating Streamlined Messaging and Outreach to Attract the New to Medicare Market: Leveraging a Year-Round Strategy and Ensuring the Right Media Mix to Support Engagement

Leah Smith,Vice President, Strategy and Digital, Anderson


D-SNP Marketing: Developing an Integrated and Multi-Pronged Campaign to Reach This Vulnerable Population

  • Identify the most important drivers of D-SNP enrollment
  • Discover strategies for leveraging Medicaid to grow your D-SNP
  • Examine traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies against your D-SNP target market

Bill Jensen,Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Independent Care Health Plan


End of Module One


Panel Discussion: Member Retention: Developing Effective Onboarding Strategies, Member Education, and a Year-Round Engagement Strategy to Retain Those Most Likely to Leave During the OEP


Henry W. Osowski,Managing Partner, Strategic Health Group, LLC


Kent Holdcroft,Executive Vice President, Growth, HealthMine

Archie Dey, Director of Consumer Experience and Insights, SCAN Health Plan

Mike Cantrell, RPh, Esq,Sr. Operations Consultant, EnlivenHealth™


Taking Control of CAHPS and Member Experience Through Strategic Engagement

  • Uncovering and understanding the drivers of member satisfaction & experience
  • Identifying low CAHPS raters using predictive analytics
  • Using an action oriented engagement timeline to improve member experience and CAHPS scoring
  • Using behavioral science to craft engaging scripts to improve member perception

Saeed Aminzadeh, CEO, Decision Point Healthcare Solutions


Incentivizing Healthy Behaviors: Leveraging Rewards, Incentives, and Personalized Communication to Drive Medicare Members to Take Action to Improve Health

In the new era of digital health, health plans have an opportunity to harness scalable, ongoing digital engagement and meaningful rewards programs to incentivize members to take personalized actions and close gaps in care. Topics include: 

  • Leveraging omnichannel communications to deploy personalized messages at scale 
  • Aggregating data and analytics to gain a holistic view of members’ health and create a tailored, relevant member experience 
  • Designing a rewards and incentives program powered by digital engagement to improve health outcomes 
  • Tracking and measuring the success of your member engagement initiatives to create sustainable quality improvement

Melissa Smith, Executive Vice President, Consulting and Professional Services, HealthMine


Addressing SDoH in Engagement Strategies: Educating and Connecting Seniors with Community-Based Programs and Services

Daniel Weaver,VP Stars and Government Quality Improvement Programs, Gateway Health Plan


Proactive Digital Engagement Strategies to Strengthen Your Distribution Network and Optimize the Member Experience

The right digital connection is more important than ever to take your members on a positive journey (from acquisition to retention) and provide an optimal customer experience that is ultimately reflected in higher Star ratings.
And, when health plans strengthen their bonds between FMOs, agencies and eBroker partners through increased distribution, these new connections lead to greater plan visibility proven to drive better outcomes.

  • Here we discuss powerful Medicare industry trends and deliver insights on how technology is driving unprecedented engagement via an optimal member journey.
  • How today’s consumer is demanding more and fearing less and why drug cost transparency and trust are key to building member loyalty
  • Technology touchpoints for each part of the member journey
  • Proactive versus reactive approaches to engage members
  • Strategies to help build member retention
  • How an all-access distribution network brings health plans closer to insurance agencies by creating greater plan visibility that is delivering exceptional results on both sides of the industry

Beth Burke, Director of Product Management, ConnectureDRX

Amanda Woodman, Sales Executive, ConnectureDRX


Consumer Engagement for AEP: Telesales as a Serious and Effective Option for Carriers During COVID-19

  • The importance of a stellar customer experience and raising the bar in the absence of other sales channels
  • Bringing the sales channels together for that “One Team One Dream” feel that elevates the internal and external customer experience
  • Attracting and managing talent in the ‘new world’
  • Inside Sales- the gateway to concierge level service for both Sales & Retention

Bruce Bonello,Director, Medicare Sales, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield


Panel Discussion: The Right Rewards for Member Enrollment, Engagement, and Retention

  • Blackhawk Network customers join Bianca Carr, leader of the Blackhawk health and wellness team, for a panel discussion of what their programs are doing to change habits and increase awareness of program benefits.
  • Participants will share key learnings, as well as how their program metrics changed after implementing innovative reward strategies.
  • Learn and grow your program with the insights and advice from your peers in the US health care industry.

Bianca Carr, Senior Manager, HealthCare Business Development, Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network Business


Conclusion of Module Two

Day Two
Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Panel Discussion: Supplemental Benefits to Increase Member Satisfaction:  Leveraging Benefits to Address Social Determinants of Health and Influence Member Acquisition and Retention


Henry W. OsowskiManaging Partner, Strategic Health Group, LLC


Todd RauDirector, Medicare Markets, IU Health Plans

Josh Hoover CEBS, Regional Sales Manager, Amplifon Hearing Health Care

Reva Sheehan Government Programs Strategic Market Executive, mPulse Mobile


Supplemental Benefit Product Design:  Choosing Which Benefits to Add, and Educating Your Members to Ensure a Great Customer Experience

Michael S. AdelbergPrincipal, Faegre Drinker Consulting

David MeyerSVP, Health Outcomes & Informatics, NationsBenefits


Existing Data to Drive Growth

Kim Ingram Chief Nursing Officer, HealthEdge

Maggie Brown Regulatory Compliance Manager, HealthEdge


Leveraging Data Sources to Improve the Member Experience

  • Exploring the “New” rules of member engagement
  • Evaluating the spectrum of member touchpoints (and therefore “data points”)
  • Turning raw data into actionable intelligence

Henry W. Osowski Managing Partner, Strategic Health Group, LLC


Pharmacy Benefits as a Competitive Advantage: A Key Component to Positioning Your Plan as a Leader in the COVID Era

Gary Melis Clinical Pharmacist, Network Health


Star Ratings: Adopting Innovations to Influence Star Ratings and Leveraging Them for Increasing Enrollment and Retention

Melissa Smith Executive Vice President, Consulting and Professional Services, HealthMine


Conclusion of Conference